The Sacred Sexual Women's Circle

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What is a sacred sexual  women?
She's the ultimate best self that experiences pleasure and joy in all forms, connected to Spirit, and lives in alignment with her highest self and God.
She feels ALIVE & connected to herself, bringing a deep sense of appreciation to her life & her body. 

Her superpower is, she transmutes pain into pleasure. 

Within you lives a sacred sexual women, ready to unravel a new chapter of pleasure, to relish in the gift of life. 

For the warrior women who embrace sitting with the uncomfortable moments for the ultimate gift of deep healing, massive breakthroughs, pure pleasure, & personal expansion. 

This next doorway is for you 

You are the first wave in a new Sexual Evolution 
One that doesn’t define pleasure for you
One that unbinds from societal ideas of what it means to own your pleasure. 
One that allows for a new era of absolute empowerment, greater creativity, & safety to express 

I know you might feel like a failure (orgasmically) in the bedroom 
You can’t get out of your head which leads you to guilty & then you start to feel like sex is a chore…

Quickie sex culture has told us that the end result is what matters, & that’s like eating junk food…. enjoyable & easy, but if you’re only filling yourself with junk food you’re not going to feel good.

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It's Time
You're ready

Time to dive into a pleasurable life where sex brings you into an intimate experience that has you bursting at the seams, energized and fully ALIVE. A full on, 5 star 4 course meal. 

To know how powerful sex is, how powerful you are
A divine feminine. 

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This is The Embodied Sacred Sexual Women 
an 8 week course for deep self discovery & self pleasure.

Our bodies are built for pleasure.
The path of the sacred sexual woman is for the woman that wants ease with her healing and expansion.  She wants to experience joy and pleasure in her everyday life.  To feel connected not only to her body, her Higher Self, and Spirit, but also feel powerful connections to others.

Imagine looking at your body in the mirror and not feeling the years and life has betrayed you.  To look at your body, the same body you had yesterday, yet you feel so much appreciation, gratitude, and love for.

It doesn’t require you take a magic pill, or eat a certain way or exercises all day.

No, you’re falling in love with your body, you’re using pleasure to heal and love your body.  You’re finding space to sit with yourself, and allow what is holding you back to be released so that you can live in alignment with your highest self.

You feel powerful in your body.  You know nothing has changed besides strengthening your connection with Spirit and your body.  

Imagine discovering new ways to experience pleasure in your body and after a full pleasure session with yourself, feeling your whole body vibrating and your mind flowing with creativity.  

Imagine knowing how to heal yourself using pleasure. 

The Sacred Sexual Women's Circle
Eight Two Hour Sessions
Session 1 - New Moon Eclipse Ritual
Session 2 - Creating a Sacred Space
Session 3 - Foundations of pleasure
Session 4 - 20+ pleasure techniques
Session 5 - Foundations of Spirit
Session 6 - Using Pleasure for healing, creativity, and expansion
Session 7 - Full Pleasure Practice
Session 8 - Deeper meaning

Access until September 1st to all past and present Nantucket Love School courses and workshops for love, relationships, and Spirit as well as the popular Monday night Intuitive Development Group.  
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Hi I'm Dorothy
After experiencing sexual trauma as a child and teenager, I checked out of my body.  I was afraid to connect with my partner, to be vulnerable.  I used to only be able to have sex if I had been on some form of mind alternating substance.  I didn’t want to sit with myself or my body.  

When I realized I couldn’t live this way and I didn’t want to live this way, I shifted my life towards love.  

I began loving myself unapologetically.  I was ruthless who I let into my energetic field.  I also followed love.  If I felt love for it, I followed the love down a rabbit hole.  Which lead me to researching and studying love, sex and relationships.  

I began writing about sex and relationships.  I found that so many people wanted to talk about sex, but felt uncomfortable.  Sex is a taboo subject.  Why?  

Sex is so powerful and our bodies are built for pleasure.  Most of us want to feel the physical connection.  

Questions? Reach out to me